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Many Hotels
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On-Site Meeting Management

Why Use an On-site Meeting Manger?

It is not always possible for your company meeting planner to be on-site for every meeting or event your company has booked.

If you are the speaker or facilitator of a conference, you should not have the additional burden of worrying about the logistics of your meeting.

Our local staff can save you money in travel expense.

Free your staff do be someplace else or attend to other concerns.

Don't find yourself out-of-town and short handed.


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Training Meetings
Product Rollouts
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are all important
communication events
and integral to your
marketing mix.

Let us help you.

We have years of
experience and
a professional

What we will do for you.

Depending on the size of the meeting we will :

Arrive before the meeting begins to review conference materials that have been shipped to the venue.

Place any necessary signage and organize handouts.

Review and correct the room setup in accordance with your

Check or provide audiovisual requirements, setup and operation.

Greet your faculty and or staff, acquaint them with the setup and tend
to anyspecial needs they may require for the smooth functioning
of the meeting or presentation.

Monitor room comfort (temperature and lighting).

Distribute handouts or conference materials.

Manage meeting flow and attend to unplanned events.

Collect evaluation forms.

Reconcile charges with the venue.

Report back to you.
If this is a food function we will review your menu and food service requirements (BEO) with the catering manager or captain. During the meal we will be on hand to be sure your staff and guests have what they need and be the intermediary between your company and the venue in case of any special requests or concerns. At the conclusion of the meal we will check the bill for accuracy and sign-off.

If this is a meeting involving hotel rooms we will monitor the arrival of your participants and be the intermediary between your company and the hotel in case of special requests or concerns regarding your staff or guests. We will generally greet and look after your V.I.P.s. We will report to your staff the arrival status of your V.I.P.s so that they can anticipate any changes to the meeting schedule due to late arrivals.

If this is a meeting involving the arrival by guests, staff or V.I.P.s by air we will monitor their flight arrival times and keep your staff informed of any late arrivals or schedule changes.

Overall we will act as the host for your meeting or conference seeing to it that your staff, speakers and guests have on-site support and a positive impression of the event you have so carefully planned. We will make every effort to see to it that the message you or your staff is there to deliver is not distracted by logistical snafus and annoyances.

Location and Staff

Because we are based in Chicago we are ideally suited to assist you in this major meeting market whether it is downtown, airport or suburban locations. We are very familiar with all the hotels and major restaurant venues. We also have a number of highly qualified and professional registrars and meet & greet staff available to assist when necessary.

Typically our on-site meeting managers have more than five years meeting planning or meeting management experience. We have extensive experience with medical meetings including CME events.

Because we are part of a nationwide network we can assist you with meeting managers in most markets throughout the U.S.

We can also

provide additional registrars for larger functions,

help you find a location for your meeting in most major cities,

arrange for audio or video recording of your event,

arrange for V.I.P. ground transportation.

Please ask us if you have any special projects or requirements.



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