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Business Card Marketing

How to Get Business With Your Business Card.

Learn about "Business Card Marketing."
This powerful half day seminar
"Business Card to Bank Account"
will launch you on an effective,
low-cost approach to
networking, selling and promoting
your product or service.

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At Business Card to Bank Account you will learn how to:

Turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool.

1. Turn your business card into a powerful and dynamic marketing tool.

2. Develop a low cost marketing strategy any business can afford

3. Multiply your business referrals

4. Stimulate word-of-mouth advertising

5. Meet new people... make new contacts

You will also learn
BUSINESS CARD COMMUNICATION How to plan your business card to include all the information you need to achieve maximum results from its distribution.
BUSINESS CARD DISTRIBUTION How to build contacts, referrals and word-of- mouth advertising.
BUSINESS CARD PROMOTION. How to make your business card a powerful promotional tool.
BUSINESS CARD ALTERNATIVES. Investigate alternatives to conventional business cards.
BUSINESS CARD ADVERTISING. How to use your business card as an advertising vehicle for your business.
BUSINESS CARD EVALUATION. How to evaluate your business card to see if it reflects the business message and image you are trying to convey.


Business Card Marketing is ideal for

Self Employed Individuals - Entrepreneurs - Business Owners - Service Providers - Product Distributors - Professionals - Commission Salespeople - Independent Contractors - Multilevel Marketers.

People Who Can Especially Benefit from this Seminar.

Self employed individuals who are too busy working to market their business to new prospects.

Professionals who love what they are trained to do but hate the idea that they need to "sell" themselves to their patients or clients.

New business owners who need to establish themselves.

Entrepreneurs who have been in business for a while, have limited financial resources and have not grown as rapidly as they had hoped.

Small business owners whose business is primarily based on their personal relationship with their customers or clients.

Commission salespeople and independent contractors who realize that the important aspect of sales is building contacts and rapport, but need a strategy to keep them focused.

Multilevel marketers who realize that success is a numbers game. More contacts = more $$.

Here is a list of some of the businesses, business owners and professionals
who could benefit by attending Business Card to Bank Account

Antique Dealers, Art Dealers, Astrologers, Audio Consultants, Automobile Dealers, Auto repairers, Baby Sitters, Bakers, Barbers, Bed & Breakfasts, Bicycle Dealers, Boat Charters, Boat Dealers, Book Sellers, Business Brokers, Cabinet Makers, Calligraphers, Candle Makers, Candy Makers, Campground Operators, Car Washes, Carpenters, Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Dealers, Caterers, Cellular Phone Dealers, Cemetery Salespeople, Chauffers, Child Care Operators, Chimney Sweeps, Clock Dealers, Closet Organizers, Clowns, Coin Dealers, Comic Book Dealers, Computer Dealers, Contractors, Cooking Instructors, Cosmetologists, Credit Councilors, Dance Instructors, Dating Services, Day Care Operators, Diaper Services, Disc Jockeys, Drapery Dealers, Dressmakers, Driving Instructors, Employment Agencies, Engravers, Entertainers, Estate Sellers, Fashion Designers, Fence Builders, Floor Refinishers, Florists, Fund Raisers, Furriers, Garage Builders, Gardeners, Gift Makers, Glass Repairers, Golf Instructors, Graphic Designers, Gunsmiths, Hair Stylists, Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors, Home Builders, House Cleaners, House Sitters, Ice Sculptors, Insurance Agents, Investment Advisors, Jewelry Designers, Junk Dealers, Landscapers, Language Instructors, Limousine Services, Magazine Subscription Agents, Maid Services, Magicians, Manicurists, Modeling Agents, Motel Owners, Motor Home Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, Movers, Musicians, Nannies, Painters, Party Planners, Pest Exterminators, Pet Groomers, Pet Sitters, Photographers, Picture Framers, Piano Teachers, Piano Tuners, Public Speakers, Psychics, Roofers, Screen Printers, Sculptors, Secretarial Services, Skin Care Counselors, Snow Removers, Tailors, Television Repairers, Tennis Instructors, Translators, Travel Agents, Tree Trimmers, Tuckpointers, Upholsterers, Vertical Blind Cleaners, Videographers, Voice Teachers, Water Sellers, Water Filtration Sellers, Wedding Consultants, Window Cleaners, Wine Sellers, Yoga Instructors,


Accountants, Architects, Bookkeepers, Chiropractors, Commodity Brokers, Computer Consultants, Computer Programmers, Image Consultants, Dentists, Detectives, Dietitians, Electricians, Financial Consultants, Funeral Directors, Holistic Practitioners, Homeopaths, Hypnotists, Interior Designers, Lawyers, Marriage Counselors, Martial Arts Instructors, Massage Therapists, Mortgage Brokers, Naprapaths, Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists, Opticians, Optometrists, Physicians, Plumbers, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Real Estate Agents, Veterinarians,

also retail store owners of:
Bridal Shops, Cigar Shops, Cleaners, Clothing Stores, Coffee Shops, Collectibles, Comedy Clubs, Currency Exchanges, Fabric Shops, Formal Wear Shops, Furniture Stores, Pawnbrokers, Pizza Parlors, Restaurants, Shoe Stores,

and those providing business to business products like:
Advertising Specialties, Computers, Copy Machines, Fax Machines, Phone Systems.


Business Card to Bank Account is more than a seminar.

Turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool.

This is a hands on strategy building workshop. You will also get a workbook which will serve as a dependable reference long after you've attended the course.

The workbook contains:

  • Action plan builder
  • Mission statement worksheet
  • Business card evaluation form
  • Customer profile planner
  • Checklists, reminders, guidelines and drawings to make what you learn useable everyday.

What's the Risk?? If you typically receive $50 or more from your average client, I am certain you will easily double, triple, even increase your investment 10 times by attending my seminar.

Just think - if you take home one idea that results in $100 in new business, you have doubled your money. Get a $500 client and you have increased your investment 1000%.

The majority of people in the United States who make over $100,000 per year are in business for themselves. There is no better or safer investment you can make than investing in the future of your own business.

By attending "Business Card to Bank Account" you will learn how to turn your business card into income.


Only $ 49.00 per person

Fee includes 2 -1/2 hour seminar and workbook

More benefits when you attend "Business Card to Bank Account"
Save money.
Get more business by spending little or no money.
Save time. Integrate your marketing plan into your daily routine.
Save effort
Your business card can do more than one job.

10 Tips you will take home

 1 If you bought 1,000 business cards a year ago and still have 700 in a box, you have not learned the power of business card marketing.
 2 The first thing every new business owner does is order business cards. Most people do not know what they are going to do with them.
 3 Business cards are the cheapest investment you will make in your business and they have the potential for the biggest dollar for dollar return.
 4 Business cards in a box or drawer do you no good.
 5 The only business card that matters is the one that brings back business.
 6 Multiply your efforts.
 7 Relate your business card to your business plan.
 8 Advertise using money you have already spent.
 9 Find the power in other people's business cards.
10 Practice shameless self promotion.

You need to learn about Business Card Marketing ...

... if you are an entrepreneur responsible for attracting more clients or customers to your business.

... if you are a sales rep and want to earn more money.

... if you are a professional who loves the service you provide but hate selling.

... if you work for yourself and have little or no money to advertise.

... if you want to build a successful long-term business.


Business Card to Bank Account Seminar

Turn your business card into a money machine.

Photo Reno Lovison What is Business Card Marketing?

Reno Lovison coined the term "Business Card Marketing" after spending years helping entrepreneurs struggle with promoting their products and services. Most small companies don't need thousands of customers or clients. Most small service providers, retailers and product distributers can do very well with several hundred regular customers, most don't need more than 100. Mass media is too expensive and does not  generally reach the targeted audience needed to grow most small businesses.

Business Card Marketing is predicated on creating a business card that is essentially a mini-advertisement for your company then systematically and regularly putting your message into the hands of  good prospects and allies who will help you grow your business.  

This is not magic but there are tricks you can learn which will help you turn your business card into business.

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