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Learn how to
effectively and affordably market your

In this Seminar You will learn
20 Ways to Promote Your Music Studio
based on proven techniques we have used to
help other service businesses and grow a successful music teaching practi

This 75 minute audio presentation includes
strategies to help you:

Get More Students

Make More Money

Be More Successful

Doing What You Love to Do

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I provide training for Fortune 500 Companies
who spend hundreds of dollars per hour to hear ideas
about how they can find more prospective clients and attract more business.

If you had to take half a day to travel somewhere
to attend a marketing seminar
you would likely say, "I just don't have the time."

The nice thing about this online audio seminar
is that it is reasonably priced and
you can attend in the comfort of your home, office or studio.

Listen via your iPod or MP3 player Listen via your laptop Listen at home in your studio or at your favorite coffee shop

Listen on your computer or download the presentation
to your laptop or MP3 Player, or burn a CD and take it with you
in the car or while you walk, exercise or work around the house.

I have taken a number of online classes myself
and often listen to them like talk radio as I go about my daily business.

As part of this Special Offer I am adding


5 Marketing Tools You MUST Have
5 Essential Website Elements
specifically for those offering music instruction.

Each of the Bonus Seminars are approximately 20 minutes each.

That's a total of more than
2 Hours of Marketing Education.

The Retail Price for the 70 minute audio seminar

20 Ways to Promote Your Music Studio
Only $49.95

In addition you get the 2 Bonus Seminars and
I am adding a PDF Worksheet that will help you begin to create an easy marketing plan.

However I want to make this so simple that you don't even have to think about it.

This is first time I am offering
20 Ways to Promote Your Music Studio
as an online audio seminar.

So I would like to make this


If you pay via PayPal Today
You can order the entire package
of All Three Seminars and
the Downloadable Worksheet for just

I do not plan to keep this pricing for long.

After you listen to the seminars
I would like to get your feedback in terms of what you felt was helpful
and what I might do to improve the product.

Finally if you register today and are dissatisfied for any reason
I will return your tuition in full anytime within the next 30 Days.

Now is time to plan for success and take action to grow your business,
attract more students and be more successful
doing what you love to do - - helping others enjoy a lifetime of music.

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