We Produce and Deliver Video Book Trailers
that Help Authors Promote their Books

Create Interest

The goal of is to produce and showcase video book trailers that will peak the interest of potential book buyers.

The objective is to use video to make readers aware of featured books and authors, then direct them to a specific webpage to facilitate their purchase or get further information.

If a reader is viewing the video at the author's own website, the video book trailer will serve to reinforce the message they are receiving there by presenting the information using a concise and entertaining medium

Why Video?

Individuals respond differently to how a message is delivered. Some people love to read pages of information; some people want just bullet points; others want information "spoon fed" aurally and visually.

A showcase of authors and their books
using audio and video via the Internet.


YouTube is valuable for driving traffic to your website but it can also divert people away from your message. This is how we suggest you utilize YouTube.

We will link your video to YouTube for the purpose of attracting additional viewers but you should NEVER use the YouTube video link on your website.

When you host your video at YouTube YOUR VIEWERS are "offered" several other videos to view after watching YOUR VIDEO. At this point YouTube is DISTRACTING YOUR VIEWERS AWAY FROM YOUR MESSAGE!!! This is not good. After viewing YOUR VIDEO you want YOUR VIEWERS to BUY YOUR BOOK.

Your ABC produced video book trailer will be hosted at our website where it can be viewed by visitors to our site. You can also "point" to your video from your website which means that we will "serve" the video and provide the bandwidth. Your visitors will not be distracted or taken away from your site.


Videos for Non-Fiction books featuring an Author who is an expert on a particular subject will typically feature the book cover as the primary visual with appropriate pans and zooms to add movement and reinforce the message. Graphics and/or illustrations included in the book, may also be supplied and used. Additional photos might include a formal "head shot" plus one or two pictures of the Author "in-action" either speaking to a group, plying his or her trade, working with individuals, or otherwise depicting the subject matter of the book. Longer videos that include biographical info on the Author might include family pictures or appropriate photos from the author's life that enhance the message.

Videos for Fiction Books feature the book cover which has typically been well thought out and developed to evoke a particular emotional response. We use appropriate pans and zooms to maximize the effect of the book cover's visual elements. A picture of the Author helps the potential reader get more personally involved and helps to build the author's "brand" or image. Authors who wish to include more biographical information can include additional pictures of themselves and their family. Many books of fiction are based on the author's expertise or familiarity with a particular subject matter. Photos that reinforce this "insider" perspective are useful. If the book includes interior graphics or illustrations these might be included as well.

Whether Fiction or Non-Fiction choose a minimum of four visuals that you feel will help enhance the sale of your book. These typically include the book cover, an author "head shot" and two or more supporting photos or graphics. If you care to write a script, that is helpful but not necessary. Direct us to your website and/or include a list of phrases that you would like to be sure we use. We find that nearly always all of the information we require is on the Author's website.


More Eyeballs

Linking to and including your video book trailer on a website that specifically features books and authors can increase your visability and improve the search engine ranking of your primary website.
will help you learn your ABC's

Attract more traffic to your website

Boost search engine ranking

Capture more sales

Advantages of ABC

Internet is transforming from an
information medium to entertainment medium.

Many web visitors skim written information.
Video ensures that they get
the key points of your message.

Video is a growing
media preference
on the Internet.

81% of U.S. users watch videos online.

Video sets you apart from other authors
and showcases your book.

Increased webpage links can improve
search engine ranking.

Inclusion of multimedia
in popular video oriented websites
increases exposure to your product.

More exposure improves sales.

Minimum Production Requirements

* Synopsis, bullet points, or primary features of your book.

* Author Bio (one to three sentences)

* Book Cover Artwork (jpg preferred)

*We can usually get most of this information off your website

At least one additional photo (preferably 3 or more)
including author if applicable.

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