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MUSIC FOR MOPPETS (4-5 year olds) provides a pleasurable environment for children to experience and explore music together, while gradually and thoroughly acquiring a firm command of musical fundamentals and mastery of piano skills. This unique program incorporates piano orientation with playing, singing, creative movement, dramatic play, rhythmic activities and artwork. Music for Moppets [GRAPHIC] Piano Readiness Program

KINDER-KEYBOARD (6-7 year olds)
A piano course specifically geared to the abilities and interests of 6 and 7 year olds. Our approach takes advantage of this age group's natural desire to learn in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

PIANO (ages 8+)
Students enjoy learning with friends while developing comprehensive piano skills through which they can create their own music and recreate that of other composers. Includes sight reading, ear training, keyboard harmony, theory, technique, repertoire, and improvisation.

Teaches facility in reading and playing music of varying styles, basic chord progressions, harmonization, ear training, and theory. Offers many opportunities for creative improvisation and ensemble experiences.

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 Music for Moms - Learn to help your child understand music concepts.Music for Moms is a seminar for mothers of young children and/or teachers of young children. Julie Lovison the Director of the Lake Shore Music Studio, presents numerous ways for you to have fun exploring music with your children before they begin formal music lessons.

At the Music for Moms Seminar you will learn ways to enhance your child's musical environment at home or in the classroom. Julie Lovison will show you how to explore basic music concepts through typical children's songs and other music. She will cover a variety of music readiness skills, including; reading music, playing by ear, and fun ways to use the piano and other keyboard instruments to act out favorite nursery stories and reinforce music concepts. No prior musical knowledge or background required .

Music for Moms can be presented at your location (eg. preschool, church, community center, college, elementary school, music store etc. ).

Areas we are particularly interested in providing seminars in 2010 are: San Francisco, CA; Mobile AL; Seattle WA; Sadona/Prescott AZ; Amherst MA; Cleveland OH and  Dallas TX.  Please email  if you are interested in attending or if your school, music store or organization is interested in hosting or sponsoring an event in these locations or another loaction.

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